Earth Under Attack-Nature's Poetry

Destruction of Earth

Dirt roads I walked on
During my childhood days
Now paved and painted
Feeling of one with the earth
When my bare feet touched the ground
Forever be lost and can never be found

Progress bears comfort
Comfort made us lost
The connection we have
With nature and its splendor
Sentimental I may be
But who will disagree?

I used to breathe life giving air
Now, all I smell is waste of man
I use to swim in summer
Where the creek meets the river
But summer now is hard to come by

As the climate has been flawed
Great storms in summer months
Bring chaos, misery and death
Wild flowers no longer bloom
Mountains of trash created by us

Seeds of sickness we have planted
Soon we’ll take away the life
Of our mother who cradles us
Rivers died, mountains decapitated
Soon the seas will succumb

Everything beautiful we have known
Will just be memories of our past
The sons and daughters of our children
Will be left with nothing but
Stories of what was once

The perfect Blue Planet...