Broken Heart Poem (Love is Just an Illusion)

Waiting on a chair lonely
Numb heart, dead feelings
No laughter and so as tears
Like a bird with broken wings
Days spent on a dark sphere

Wounds that will never heal
Even time can’t ease the pain
Like a car without a wheel
Remained in this place forsaken

Battered soul, hopeless stare
Enveloped by sear emptiness
Like a frame without a picture
On a wall hanging, worthless

The rain pours harder than ever
Every drop cuts like a knife
Pain is all there is, dreams lost forever
Nowhere to run, no place to hide

Alone in the dark, thee, the sun has forsaken
Only mist of never ending sadness
Tired and forgotten, shall never be awaken
Soon even memories will cease to exist

The story ends when there is none
Nothing more to live for, just to die for
Broken promises buried, cruel isolation
Illusion fades, dreams are for fools

There is no bed of roses, not even in love
Only thorns that pierce through the soul
Moments of ecstasy are just make-beliefs
Harsh reality will always pull through

Flood of dense, sad memories
Forever trapped in the loop
Like a ship got lost in abyss
Only nothingness is absolute