On Valentine's Day

Days of the great sunrise
On the beach you and I
Wild flowers on the hills
Hand in hand we used to stroll

Rain pouring on our heads
Run under the trees’ shed
The adventures we had
By a kiss were culminated

That was then, happy days
Now everything’s just a haze
That was then, memories
Moments that have come to pass

At the rooftop, contemplates
Above me, smog hovers
At hand, a pack of cigarettes
Watching over the sunset

Where are you my beloved?
Perhaps, somebody else's bed
Do you think of me and regret?
Or am I that easy to forget?

How I wish I could go back
Turn the hand of the clock
When our lips were still locked
Where the birds used to flock

If I could have said I’m sorry
Maybe I am not in solitary
But my pride was my enemy
Admission was never easy

Today is Valentine’s Day
I will prepare the fireplace
On the table I will light candles
Pray you’ll remember our days