Chile (Under Ruins)

Rumbling sound
Earth in upheaval
Trembling hearts

Utter chaos
Roar of devastation
Utter destruction

Flood of waters
Drenched in sorrow
Flood of tears

Where to run?
Amidst the ruins
Where to go?

Lifeless town
Death on his chariot
Lifeless corpses

Lost lives
Never to return
Lost dreams

Prayers for the souls
Give them rest
Prayers for the living

Give hope
Grace upon them
Give relief

3 Responses to "Chile (Under Ruins)"

  1. very well written...reflects the destruction and the condition over there pretty well...

  2. Thank you Aayushi, This is the least I can do to show my concern for the victims of one of the most devastating earthquakes in history.

  3. There's pain lingering and hope too. God bless!


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