At dusk I was talking to a tree
It did not budge, but dropped a leaf
Followed it with my eyes, as it falls
Then I realized, the tree was listening
With all the words I have spoken
It told me, to let go of the burden
Those still hang with my branches
Like the dried leaf it has dropped
I should leave all the worries behind
Make new beginnings, new memories
Like the tree, that grows new leaves

6 Responses to "Let it Drop"

  1. Lovely comparison, great message!

  2. What a great message through excellent metaphor. This one is special. I love it.

  3. I like your discoveries at dusk. Good poem - pictorial. That's the art of the heart

  4. Beautiful like a zen meditation !

  5. just awesome!!! excellent !!!!
    tmrw , s our new yr's day.
    it just fit for that!!!!
    ...too goood

  6. Thank you all guys. One of the hardest thing to do is let go, even bad memories are hard to forget but if we can, we can always start anew.


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