Poisonous Rose

You were so lovely back then
like a rose picked from a garden
a glimpse was more than enough
to enslave my lonely heart

And Like a bee I have longed
that sweet nectar you possess
never thought I would be wrong
sweet poison, pain all you’ve caused

Angelic smiles, all were facades
to hide the ugliness inside you
tears you shed, part of masquerade
so blinded, I haven’t had a clue

Then you have left me for dead
wearing the mask of deception
like a rose glowing in bright red
the pretender, back in her throne

8 Responses to "Poisonous Rose"

  1. yea...a rose could be deceiving... a beautiful flower, who would doubt??? but beware of its thorns.. great reads!!!:D

    Have a blessed day!!!:)


  2. If it's a rose I can accept the pain she inflicts. If she is a woman, there is no excuse for having a beautiful exterior and a thorny interior.

  3. Well written. The masks people wear can indeed hide ugly things.

  4. very nice poem, touching my heart...

  5. Thank you all guys for taking time to read. A comedian in a suit is fine, but a devil in disguise is something.

  6. Excellent, excellent and Oh, did I mention EXCELLENT!

  7. ahhh! well expressed.

    though the pain lingers
    memories slow to fade
    we learned a thing or
    two from the experience
    that never again to repeat

  8. You made my day with your comment my friend... to read such a compliment from someone of the same land... o, that was unbelievable... ye know, alam mu nmn pg Pilipino ang hirap i-please right??? so thanks a ton for your appreciation and recognition of my talent... cheers!!!:D

    A blessed Sunday and Happy Father's Day!!!:D



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