Lost In A Labyrinth

I have seen a lot but never enough
When will the confetti fall for me?
I know so much yet still ignorant
When will the fat lady sings for me?

I’ve been a raider of the lost cause
When will I find my way back home?
A hunter with unused bow and arrows
How can I take a prize back home?

I’ve been in this labyrinth for too long
Tried every passage even uncalled for
It’s not really easy to find the way alone
Yet I claim to be, and always in control

Half life wasted and accomplished none
Come to think of it, I have done my part
But still missed with all the shots I’ve thrown
I guess, I should have followed my heart

2 Responses to "Lost In A Labyrinth"

  1. Very interesting your vision. I myself have the feeling of wandering in a labyrinth that I call " the necessary labyrinth ". Keep your faith and one day you'll see the sun shining at the exit of the labyrinth.

  2. perhaps it is not your control that will get you out of the labyrinth...but your surrender...


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