Remember your Father

Father and child
 He is a hero without a doubt
tough yet gentle, he protects
never let go with his firm grips
through good, bad and hardships

each and every word he utters
wisdom, to you that he shares
has been always your guider
for your future will be the ladder

sometimes he may be rough
his ways are just bit tough,
when you do, your terrible acts
and you need, to be poked at

remember his face in the church
when he let go of your arm
after the wedding march
and shake your groom’s hand

probably you remember him
when he saw you in graduation gown
how tears suddenly betrayed him
of how happy and proud he has been

this poem may be all about the man
but his life was all about you
he worked and dreamt not for his own
but for you, that he loves so true

A protector, a pillar and a provider
He watches over you, he is your FATHER