The Masterpiece

See me as I am, what I am
Don’t find what it isn’t there
Want me for being who I am
Not for whom you want me to be

Hold my hand with all its scarcity
Don’t let go of this sculptor’s palm
Walk with me against all mockeries
Help me weathered these hypocrisies

Bear with me, watch me create
My finest masterpiece yet,
Let the world witness with envy
When I unveil my final glory

Statue I made for you
Curved with my bare hands
With rare crimson stains
The blood of my heart,
The final piece of the sculpture.

5 Responses to "The Masterpiece"

  1. Ronald,
    A very powerful piece of writing. I like this very much indeed.
    Creativity and looking forward with positivity.

    Eileen :)

  2. A very powerful piece ,indeed.I agree with,Eileen.So much feelings conveyed.

    Truly a masterpiec.

  3. Hi RS .. love the 'see me as I am' .. accept me for who I am .. and the sculpture says it all we can't change others .. we can change ourselves .. & Eileen's words are so true ..

    Thank you .. Hilary

  4. Hello. I love your poem. I love people who writes poetry because they see the world differently. Thanks. I really enjoyed your lines.

  5. Nice poem. You have a gift in writing poetry and I really love it. Thanks. Have a good day.


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