Escape from Nothingness


Been ridiculed
esteem crushed
into fine rubble
standing up again
torture to the soul
picking up the pieces
not easy, takes time

A hand reached out
promise of salvation
shoulder to lean on
tears fell like rain
shedding the pain
with trembling knees
holding to that hope

The dark clouds
begin to be swept
by the wind of faith
tears drying up fast
the horizon opens up
spirit soaring up high
what was shattered
is becoming whole again

3 Responses to "Escape from Nothingness"

  1. Like a phoenix rising from the rubble. Love the style

  2. My God Jo.. the working title of this one is actually Phoenix Rising but I changed it upon publication. You really are getting into my head... lol.

  3. 'Tis not the fall that really matters,
    But the rising up when the mind clears;
    Do not dwell on the negative at all,
    But learn the lessons of the fall,

    -by c5, just now.-


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