Bleeding Heart

Dying Oak Tree - - 336267

As I bury myself in my blanket of sorrows
nothing seems can comfort me but the shadows
in the darkness I am free, I am indestructible
in silence mocking stops, feeling of solitude

the sunrise that I have loved all my life
now irate me as it engulfs the darkness, my ally
but as the thunder rumbles and lighting strikes
as the rain begins to pour, shade embraces

let there be only night or rain for all eternity
I want to be drenched in my self-made  reality
get off my back and stop lecturing me
I know what I want, let me be forever  free

no reason to wake, let me sleep without end
the fairy has left me wandering. I lost faith
without you, it’s more of a pain to breath
only thing that can free me is death

you gave me life, but you let go of my hand
like a bird without wings, now I’m nothing
let sadness eat me little by little and be gone
for without you, I can’t and won’t go on