Shackle of Love

gone to paradise but felt like hell
flew but never took flight rather crawled
tried to escape but got caught
it’s a matter of time to concede

thought of surviving alone
giving space and peace of mind
for the one that i call home
but surviving isn’t living

I chewed on my will to go on
but bitter surrender I did at dawn
those pretentious laughs didn’t last
never enough to cover the turmoil inside

freedom is for those who seeks it
but freedom with tears ain’t worth it
I’d rather keep this shackle of love
and liberty, I’ll have when I die

how can you know there is a new day?
when you haven’t survive the night
what good is the sunshine?
when you’re covered by a veil of pain

tonight, I’ll lie down and close my eyes
I will solicit the heavens for a miracle
when the morning comes I’ll open my eyes
hoping there you’ll be smiling at me