Most Wanted: CUPID

a young sweet innocent girl
on her first date
pocketbook romance on her head
only to be disappointed
she gone out with a married guy
who to blame?

a single mom
hoping for a second chance
ended up beaten
hardly alive
who to blame?

frugal man
met a socialite girl
lost everything
including his home
who to blame?

retired police man
married a loner
now he’s holding his revolver
hunting a thief
who to blame?

can all these be love?
crimes of passion,
victims of love?
Might find CUPID
and be persecuted

3 Responses to "Most Wanted: CUPID"

  1. A quite ingenious poem , Ronald. To your qustions no one could answer, except, maybe,Cupid...

  2. Hi RS .. certainly a thought provoking poem .. so true though .. interesting to say the least - I shall carry these thoughts forward ..

    Thanks Hilary

  3. Ronald,
    The problem pairings in life. Some are not intended to be.......

    Best wishes,


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