Inspire me to conquer my fears
And help me wipe away my tears

Just teach me how to weave my dreams
So I could create a castle, a haven

Aid me in nurturing my spirit to soar
As I will try to beat even the lion’s roar

Be true, be my guide, be my best friend
Abandon those hypocritical schemes

Help me; push me to reach the top
Then I’ll look down to pull you up

Do these instead of pulling me down
Prolong doing it and we will both drown

3 Responses to "Kill the Crab"

  1. Hi RS .. great point about allowing each one of us to be pulled up, not pull others or ourself down ..

    Thanks - good reminder .. Hilary

  2. Ronald,
    Very strong words, while seeking the strength and encouragement to 'get through' the difficult times.
    Positively wishing to share the rewards, at 'the other side'.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. Yes we must put an end to the bucket of crabs mentality. Although I am a cancer and we are more about the uplifting of others as oppose to their downfall.


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