On Your Anniversary

Years now have passed
But the hurt still lingers

Years now have passed
But still I suffer

It’s been like forever
Last time I've seen your smile
It’s been like forever
Since I heard you laugh

If time can be measured
By the changes of weather
And years be measured
By the rain that pours

It will take a thousand cyclones
Before I can let go of you
A thousand thunderstorms
Before the pain be washed away

Nights will not heed
Without me calling for you
Pillows beneath my head
In the morning, soaked in tears

I want to believe, you’re around
Trying to smell your fragrance
Clinging to your gentle hand
Like I did when I was a child

But don’t be alarmed mama
I am perfectly alright
Don’t worry my mama
Soon I’ll get over it

And believe me, I’ll be brave
Even though I am miles away
I won’t be there on your grave
But I’ll light a candle today