Poem about Death: In Your Heart

A Poem about life and death

This poem reflects on how we should see death as part of life. Life is about beginning and passing on but it doesn't mean we can't live forever because we can! Also, we can keep our love ones alive by letting their memories reside in our hearts.

Every road ends somewhere
Like the sun rises and sets
Even the greatest of rivers
Shall dry and lose its might

Happiest when someone is born
Will crawl, walk and then pass on
Like a flower that blooms in spring
And wither as the summer comes

Though the cycle is a bit unkind
Humans are blessed with memory
Where joy is stored even the pain
The joy of living, pain of losing

Loneliest when someone depart
As those who’ll be left behind
Struggle to cope and accept fate
As they shed tears and mourn

But death is just a word
Term to describe the absence of
Love ones can live forever
If we’ll let them reside in our hearts

The love we have for them
Won’t fade, rather remain
Keep that love, keep it at heart
It’s where they’ll forever live

Hush, do not weep, no one is going anywhere
Unless you let go and forget to remember