Haiku Set in Motion and Senryu Blast

New seedling sprouts
Breaking ground towards the light
Hope for the tribe

The sea replicates
Abundant light it receives
Mirrors the sun’s glory

The water reflects
Every bit of remaining light
As the sun goes down

calm flaming sea
sun on clear sky
a new day

embarking clouds
luminous water
breeze of life

sun being born
between two cliffs
noon shall come 

from bud it blooms
beauty soon withers
dries up, ‘til no more

three hundred meters away
realization hit me
thinking of what to do next

two trees apart
wind keeps them connected
distance irrelevant

Dark clouds hover
Thunder cuts the sky,
Monsoon blows near

The forest sleeps
Abandoned Barn houses,
Cold wind rushes

And be _the good_ ace
Measureless is excellence
The exultant _ one

Pen deprived of ink
Emotions trapped, cries the heart
Tears pacify grief

haystacks neither hills
nor mountains
but have their peaks

Full moon
Waves by the shore

Barren land
Devoid of life
An old man

Wind gusts
Bamboo Trees bend
Banging windows

Cicadas’ in chorus
Rain floods the creeks
Till the land

Hay stacks
Rice dried on the road
Blistering hands

fireflies gather,
old tamarind tree
light in abundance

Brown fields
Empty farmhouses
Big yellow sun

Pack of wolves
Preys’ shed blood, devoured
Men in power 

Bulls on rampage
Fences can’t hold
Young hearts


Rose yields
Fragrant, sweet bud
In a beautiful garden
There she was,
Smiling back at me

Ominous night
Glare of broken lines
Prowl against the mighty base
The proud man
Fell short, disfigured

River rushing current
Flowing undeterred
To the sea against obstacles
Yet you are stagnant
Afraid of what lays ahead

Tower of Babel
Proud and mighty
Reaching the heaven, in vain
Empires crumble
Nothing’s unyielding

Big tree
bark profusely bleeds
cracked and vulnerable
burdened by its immense branches
it’ll bend

Train on tracks
right on schedule
destination absolute
freedom abused
Wanderers abscond