Best Friend - A Poem

A poem for my best friend
Comfort you give
Words you speak
Uncertainties fade
Nothing to peek

Never judging
You listen well
Always accepting
Whatever I sell

Others may run
You chose to stay
Condemned I am
Two hands you lay

Esteem I lost
You found it still
Anger I toss
Respect you will

No one I deserve
You watch my back
Hope you serve
Faith never lack

Gems are precious
Priceless you are
Gold is scarce
But You are rare

8 Responses to "Best Friend - A Poem"

  1. That's sweet! Wonder who you're writing to? Sometimes we write to idealized lovers, but it's nice to read a poem written by someone with a real Love. Come by and see a couple of my poems at my own blog--here's a sample--

    Comments welcome!

  2. I mean darkest what I was thinking.. I have been to your site, nice blog you got there.

  3. michelle19:47

    what a beautiful poem, kuya. the way i see it, sobrang inspired kayo sa maraming bagay, family, friends, to name a few. can you make one for me? lol

  4. Thank you Michelle, you're right friends and family inspire me and it reflects on my works.

  5. Anonymous16:14

    very nice poem..,

  6. I like your poem, it seam written from the heart.

  7. Hi!!! :)05:52

    Aww.... that's sweet. I really love your poem. It's very sweet of you to write a poem for your friend!! =)

  8. Simran Tulsyan17:10

    beautiful poem.....luved it.....friendship rockzz n alwayzz will....


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