What's Lost Can Be Found Again

I shall call unto the heavens
Hear my cry, oh please let it rain
Quench the thirst, this shriveled passion

The love that used to be
That kept me at bay, my sanity
Will it be forever lost in the mist of pride?

Waves of anger keep pounding
These fragile hearts soon shall break
Unless the holes of this ship be patched up

Rain oh rain drench these souls
With passion that used to be the armor
Even the worst of weathers cannot destroy

Let the lost be found and hearts shall again be one
Fury shall subside and the mist will at once be gone

2 Responses to "What's Lost Can Be Found Again"

  1. Ronald,

    Sad words indeed....
    I do hope that a lost love can be found and rekindled once again.

    Thank you for your visit to my poem.

    Best Wishes, Eileen

  2. Anonymous14:17

    thats true defenetly true


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