The Broken Angel

Crows cry, hover above
Sensing the darkness that gushes
Through these flaming eyes
Time is drawing near

Sanity is about to slip away
Clouds of unspeakable gloom
Rain of thorns will rip the flesh
Penetrating the fragile bones

Corrupted by diminished faith
Songs of resignation echoes
Just a matter of time
This angel will lose the halo

and will embrace the womb
Womb of the wicked beast

2 Responses to "The Broken Angel"

  1. Ronald,
    I think when the feeling of darness arrives, it is important to know also, that you are never alone.
    True, meaningful friendship,should embrace the good and the bad days, at all times.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. Agree with " Eileen T O'Neill "
    To pass by this darkness times all you need is your friends and your family...with them you'll never be alone,or taste the chill of that kinde of time



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