Best of Friends

We will be together against adversities
This I promise you with all my heart
We’ll travel on land and over seas
Like brothers we’ll watch each other’s back
Climb the highest mountain’s summit
And if you decide to jump off the bridge
I promise, I will call an ambulance for you
Sorry, I love you but I’m not that stupid

6 Responses to "Best of Friends"

  1. I miss my best friend when I saw the title of your poem. Its been a long time since the last time we have seen each other. However, it's really my decision not to see her for awhile. Sometimes you really need some space because you know for yourself that they can make you stupid with influences. Thanks for an interesting poem.

  2. thanks for this post its really interesting i bookmark your blog for future stuff like this..

  3. Anonymous07:58

    What a funny twist in th tale!

  4. LOL, nice ending, made me laugh :)

  5. hahahaa! Great ending... dig your sense of humour dude... hehehe


  6. Anonymous03:44

    Me laughed


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