It Was Just a Sand Castle

Sandcastles are made to be enjoyed while they last because no matter how much you want to keep them, the tide will claim over. Just like everything else on the shore, waves will wash away all of it. What will be left are the memories that were made.

I am alone in my room
Wandering what went wrong
It used to be so much fun
Now I feel nothing but pain

Am I the one to be blamed?
I am confused, I don’t understand
You can at least explain
Because it’s driving me insane

All I did was to love and care for you
Out of the blue you said we are through

For you, I used to be the only one
Walked together holding hands
We used to share our dreams
At night as we watched the stars falling

I miss the songs we used to sing
Even most of the time I just scream
I miss your laugh that is so sweet
And kissing your soft rosy cheek

All I did was to love and cherish you
Out of the blue you said we are through

What we had is like a sand castle
Built during the low tide
Made out of sand bonded with water
And be washed away at high tide

Maybe if you would have wanted me
I could’ve sprinkled it with my heart’s blood
Maybe if you have just asked me
I would have fortified it against the tide

All I ever wanted is to be and next to you
Out of the blue you said we are through
Now I am lost with a bleeding heart
You could have said goodbye, at least

7 Responses to "It Was Just a Sand Castle"

  1. Lovely poem, but it needs a bit of editing. :) And I love the painting, can i use it for my inspiration and make a watercolor painting similar to it? Please?

  2. sweet sentiments,
    hopefully, you can be with her.

  3. Wooow...Man, I have no words to catch your feelings....speechless!

  4. A simple, eloquent poem. I love the imagery, I hope the pain passes!

  5. Punam thanks! Can you be more specific of what should I edit? So I can improve this piece and BTW sure you can use the picture..Just show it to me when you're done.:)


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