Dinner at a fancy restaurant
Bubbly glasses of champagne
While violin being played
Candle on the dinner table
All I can give you are poems

Cruise on the Bahamas
Sun bathing on the Caribbean
Land cruising on the desert
Touring around the world
Poems are all I have to offer

Am I lesser of a man?
If I could give you only love
Luxuries I cannot afford
Will I be enough for you?
If poetry is all I bear

3 Responses to "Only Poems"

  1. Some serious questions, there.

  2. Hi RS .. far better to be you .. fast, fizz and fuss is not generosity of spirit, understanding of life, and poems for our souls .. just be you! Cheers Hilary

  3. Serious and hard Kim. Hard to be yourself nowadays Hilary. We are now living in the era where bank account weighs more than Chivalry.

    Speaking of that here is another poem I made about that Death of Chivalry (Ottava Rima).


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