Enjoy Life (Go Out and Have Some Fun)

Most people tend to put so much effort in exaggerating problems and the result is the prelude to depression. Come to think of it, problems are part of living life and we must acknowledge it.  Do not soak in the acid waters of loneliness. Dramatizing every little thing in our lives will not help so go out and have some fun. Live life and face the problems with a positive attitude. Solutions to problem come in to mind when we are relax and have an open mind. Get off that couch and start your day with a walk and smile on your face.

Why worry and drenched in pain
If you can dance in the rain
Let go of the ache and run
Race with the river’s current

Why cry on a warm summer’s day
If you can go on the beach and play
Unload the burden and be free
Go ahead and throw that Frisbee

Why not let your spirit fly high
It’s a glorious, clear sky tonight
Stop looking for the dark clouds
There is no reason to feel bad

Life’s a gift, be thankful you’re alive
It is given only once so be glad
Make it worthwhile, as t’was meant
Happiness is a choice, opt for it