Until My Last Breath

NGC 6572

You are up there, on a pedestal
No one is even close to where you are
You are so high, my heart put you there
So don’t ever look down on them
Not a soul to you is worth to compare

When I said you are the only one
I meant it in a singular kind of way
Because no matter what happens
It’s always you, in my heart, in my mind
Memories, that is what they are to me

Did I ever lie to you? I have not
All that I do is speak of my love for you
Of how you paint my life with so much hue
There is nothing to doubt, I am yours
All of me, all of my being, even my life

If there is something I would keep
When finally it’s time to face death
It would be my unwavering love for thee
In my final moment, your hand I shall grip
My last word, your name, my final breath