My Home is with You

Cole Thomas The Garden of Eden 1828

A simple dinner yet so much joy
Meal so great that it touches the heart
Guess it’s the manner it was cooked
By the very hand of someone I so adore

Inexpensive night yet so priceless
A great feel of heavenly bliss
First taste took me somewhere else
Somewhere, only you and I can share

Dinner for two, two tangled soul
Both refugees of this cruel world
Bound by true and unconditional love
Together in a special place we've made

In a place that can only be reached
Through the loud beats of our hearts
Home is when you are in my arms
Home is where pain and hurt is mend

True keepers of love can and will wait
No matter how long, shall keep the faith
Long as both our hearts beat as one
Even miles apart, the feeling will remain