How Can I Journey Alone?

When walking with the one you love
everything is easy, nothing can be hard
fly without wings across the sky
a boat won’t be needed to sail away

when in a journey with someone you love
every battle is easier to fight and conquer
defeat can never be, long as she’s beside
even the mightiest of dragons will tremble

a mighty warrior I have become
since the day we began weaving dreams
a promise of alliance until the end
two of us against all odds, hand in hand

a path so full of hopes and aspirations
the sun rises from the east, the horizon
at the end of each day, you’re in my arms
what could I ever ask for, not a thing

but for some reasons, you need to go
hard to believe that we’ll be parting soon
love no matter how strong and true
need to bid farewell , to follow your own
to realize and reach for your own dreams

If I could have just dreamt even before you
If I were just as strong as you made of me
I could go on with the journey alone
And would get and give the trophy to you

as I look upon the passing clouds tonight
and see the stars fading right before my eyes
surely tears will fall as my heart starts to die
the broken warrior shall fall in the dark of night