Hearts Bid Farewell (Parting Time)

You taught me how to draw
pushed me how to dream
I’ve woven some plans, for us
I draw the future with you in it

I am building the foundations
with so much inspirations
you are beside me, it’s easy
it’s for us, i can see it clearly

then comes the wind of change
blue prints were scattered
drawings of you and me
suddenly became so blurry

realization hit me hard
the plan was for two
but you need to leave
to build your own

so the dream I have woven
starts to crumble on my palm
no matter how much I try
without you it would be in vain

I will bid farewell beloved
with a heavy heart
but with an open mind
go on; reach for your own stars

I will start all over again
on the drawing board
I will re-design, yet with you in it
but in a not so distant time

this heart can withstand
even the greatest of storms
constantly be hoping for the day
that you and I be together again