Poem About Life: Falling Leaf, A New Dawn

Beautiful Autumn
The odds, a leaf falling on my face
as I watch the sun retreats behind the clouds
contemplating, I should move on against tides
I must let go of the burden, pick-up pace

like the tree dropping its dried leaves
I must let go and shed the sadness
the sun may have set, tomorrow it’ll rise
hold on and wait until the dawn comes

I have watched the shut door too long
hugged the memories deep inside my soul
time to look for the open windows
leave all to experience and move on

I decided to live and will chase for happiness
there is more to life than what I made of it
I was just too afraid to open my heart
it’s behind me now, time to continue the quest

love and life is about living life to the fullest
and not to dwell on the failures and its darkest
run with the wind and conquer thy fears
bury all the doubts and hurt, let your spirit soar
There's always a silver lining even on the darkest cloud and this poem about life is about accepting what is and letting go of the past so you can start living the present and looking ahead for the future. Learn from the past, live in the present and plan for tomorrow.