Life is a Journey Poem

Sail, explore the vastness
Feast on the bounty
There is more to life
In between pain and despair

Surf, ride along the possibilities
Chances can’t be scarce
To those who search
Success won’t be far away

Float; run with the wind of change
Lots of riddles to be solved
Life is a quest, a voyage
Uncertainties make it a challenge

Getaway, leave the crib of doubt
In your hand, the power
Inside you, the great fire
Let it flare; shine and be at the top

"If there is one thing I have learned in my years of existence, it's how you see or perceive things that makes the difference. Always look in the brighter side of things and do not dwell on the negativity. Do not let problems bring you down, rather make the best out of it, be motivated and rise above any obstacles that life may throw upon you." 

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11 Responses to "Life is a Journey Poem"

  1. I like your call very much. Let's be open to the possibilities of the life. Happy to reach your poetry again.

  2. Life is indeed a voyage of discovery and if we set our sails right then we can pass through life and reach our ports of call in mind otherwise we will never reach the ports that we dream of seeing in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful words and thoughts.

  3. Thanks Sylvia.. Been Awhile since your last comment here.

  4. Wow Ritchie I really appreciate your comment.. thanks.

  5. Its Really great poem.thanks.just you can also see great quotes

  6. I really appreciate poems. It always reaches our hearts in a romantic way. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poems.

  7. Very inspiring. Life indeed is a journey and we should live it to the fullest to make the journey worthwhile.

  8. Great! Very inspiring.. Yes, soar and leave all the worries behind! There is more to life
    In between pain and despair..beautiful

  9. thanks for the appreciation..enjoy the journey...enjoy life :)

  10. Please tell me the name of the Author. I want to publish this poem in our newsletter for internal circulation. We are a deemed University

    1. Please see above link (Author) for my full details.. And thanks!


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