A Poem About Life's Struggles: War of Life

Rising Sun
The pain of losing, a battle forsaken
You are at war, the saga known as life
Weep if you must but never abandon
Hold your ground, wait for the morning light

Believe in yourself, arm your morale
With hopes and aspirations, go on and fight
Shield yourself, confidence as your armor
Never lose focus, keep target at sight

Iron will and unwavering desire to win
That’s what you need in your battle gear
Don’t let explosive tongues deplete courage
Hold on to your convictions and be a winner

Don’t let your guards down amidst battles
Else army of detractors will conquer your spirit
Go on sergeant, onward to victory, dazzle
Badge of life’s achievement for you, awaits
A poem about facing life's struggles and how to overcome the trials that will come our way. Determination amidst difficulties, that's what will make us win the battle of life.