Love, a Journey Towards Eternal

The waves that make the sweetest sound
like a lullaby being sung by a caring mom
sunlight that touches the face making it blush
it seems paradise with so much lush

your hand locked with mind as we walk on
ever pampering sand beneath our feet
the seagulls amused, somewhat in awe
as we display our love and affections

breeze a bit cold but we dare to bear
love keep us warm as our body entwined
the world became so small and clear
it’s only you, your body against mine

as darkness envelopes the sky above
passion heats up becoming more intense
slowly, the dazzling stars taking charge
illuminating the grayish calm sky line

lovers we are, on a place we claimed
for a while we call it our home
those moments you and I exchanged vows
renewed commitments, the beach our witness

upon leaving, we set sail towards the horizon
together we’re on a journey towards eternal
may the gods of the sea guide us and be kind
for we seek nothing but happiness perpetual