Today We Live!! and All alone just all alone!!

By Eric Herbert

As the sun rises spreading its glory
pushing the darkness a flower is awaken
from the warmth and light
The morning dew melting on its silky petals
Its a new day a new beginning
The fragrance of new in The morning
This day we shall love as never before
This day we forgive all that was done
Because yesterday is no more
and love is always renewing

All alone just all alone!!

Fear is at the door knocking
So forcefully
Were is my father
Can’t he be found
Who will teach me how to love
To be a man strong and sure
Who will lead me through life’s paths
Sorrow fills my soul
For I know that he is no more
Sorrow is my companion
Fear my tormentor
Then comes loneliness
Like a great wave crashing
Flowing in my veins
My heart swells
The tears fill my eyes
Wanting and belonging lost
Then I realize
I am truly all alone

Chublanc 3-20-2006