When the Heart Conquers the Mind (Believe in Fate)

When we became one, I started to believe in destiny
Fate has brought us together in an unexpected time
Mind that used to be so keen on logical things
Became the slave of the rejuvenated heart

Things happen for a reason they always say
I’d used to say, we make all things happen, we decide
Then I held your hand, I’d say they were right
It was bound for us to meet; now I believe
For my hand fits yours like knife with the sheath

I've hungered for knowledge through all my life
But nothing prepared me for what I felt for you
Neither science nor logic can explain this “thing”
So potent and so fragile at the same time

I never believed in heaven and paradise
But you took me there and showed me happiness
Joy beyond compare, real yet so surreal
Now I long for a journey with you, eternal

Knocking on heaven’s door, I beg to be with you
Now and until the end of time, that’s all I wish for
May the god of love permits, you and I forever
In paradise that we both created with our love