Story of My Life (Walls of Isolation-My Sanctuary)

I was born naked, had nothing but my parents’ love
I grew up, met people and began to hide myself
Imperfect I am but my parents’ accepted me anyway
But the society just hated me, called me heretic

So I made a wall, a great barrier of isolation
Where I don’t have to hide from the judging eyes of men
In my sanctuary, I am free to be the man that I am
No pretensions, not a thing that I should conform

In my crib of loneliness I am at peace with the dark
The murmur of righteous men cannot bother me
This is my paradise; this is where I chose to be
To get away from deceptions and insincere intentions

No man is an island they say; I say, it’s a matter of choice
I will walk this path alone, than to risk of getting hurt
Humans are innately selfish, maybe there are exceptions
But as rare as diamonds beneath this forsaken earth

I broke the wall once, let my heart reign over me
Set aside my intellect and bask in the moment
Yeah there was this great feeling of happiness
In the end, it’s too good to be true, it was just a fantasy

Now in the process of rebuilding the walls of isolation
Trying to make my asylum whole again, impenetrable
No one shall ever be able to break in, not anymore
I will seal it with all I've got, with this numbing pain inside