Grow Old With You

By: Jason Domimgo

I wish I could have grown old with you.
I wish I could of walked through the decades
and see the world change around us
I wonder how we would look at 40 50 60 70 together.

Would you have still loved me when I lost all my hair?
When every youthful part of me has disappeared.
Would you have still kissed me goodbye
every morning like you always did?

If we did stay together and you kissed me
for the next 50 years that would be 18250 kisses
18250 times I held you at night 18250 we sat together
and watched TV taking turns and arguing who watches what.

I know I would of loved you till God took one of us.
Do you think it would have been me or you to go first?
I would hope it would be me because
I don’t have the strength to see you leave me like that.

If it was you to go first I know I would have never gave up
till I found you again.
I would have searched the deepest parts of the universe to find you again.
I would of searched a million planets
walked through a Billion stars to find my love again

But oh well I have to settle for a life without my other half my love my soulmate.
Just a thought have a good night I wish we weren’t so stubborn