Ghost Away

By: Sahej Sahni

Ghosts Stay

In my bedroom did the ghosts stay,
But I know it has been five years.
And at night when they haunt,
Your voice fills my ears.

Through my nose will they find a way,
And knock me at the brain.
A scent so familiar will then revive,
To bring you back again.

In my sheets did the ghosts lay,
But I know they'll never cover you again.
And at nights when they haunt,
My lips can feel the pain.

And as I turn to the side,
I am attacked by their greetings so resentful.
The king side of my Queen's bed,
Lies half empty yet so full.

Walk You Home

Eleven months, twenty nine days,
A cut on my wrist, and one on my chest,
Seventeen friends, yet so alone,
And all I want is to walk you home.

I don't ask you to lead me to bed,
Nor to run your fingers through my hair,
I don't ask you for a kiss on collarbone,
But all I'll ask you is to walk you home.

I don't want no white rose bouquets,
No three scoops of ice cream sundae,
No 100 minute snaps on my phone,
Because all I want is to walk you home.

I can climb on your shoulders,
So you carry me around,
Our fingers entangled, no hate to be shown,
Baby all I want is to walk you home.