Human Addiction

By: Cass Andra

We all speak of love and lost
But do we really know the cost?
Not appreciating their presence,
Till they have reached heaven.

We all speak of forgiveness and forgetting.
But are we even doing?
The act of claiming to be moving on,
Are the hatred and misgivings actually long gone?

We all speak of amiableness and acceptance,
But do we walk the talk?
Or do we choose and judge?
Shading everyone to different spectrums of dark.

We all speak of truth and trust,
But we are all dishonest to the last.
When we hear and talk,
Without verifying if it’s a credible or not.

We all speak of friends and foes,
But is there a necessarily need for so?
Why form divides and lines?
When we are all one human kind.