I'm a Husband

By: NoName

I've been faithful
I've been true
I've put up with knowing
All the wrongs you do

The mind games , the lying
Though silent I watch
One day you'll wake single
And realize what you got

I'm the guy so no whining from me
Shut and put and put up
It's my motto, you see

If I were a woman
All the world would agree
I should leave your abuse
And take care of me

I'm a husband , a father
So the world says I stay
One more day of no love
That's my duty they say

If I were the wife there'd be uproar
And shout"You deserve more"
Leave that drunk
Men will bang down your door

All those times I've turned down
The advances of others
Thinking you'd change
Ignoring advice from my brothers

So here I sit in my silence
Married with no love
Thou faithful and steadfast
To my soon to be ex-lover

For my day is coming
And I'll cherish it, you'll see
And alone in your misery
You'll think about me