Take a Deep Breath

By: Alison Pritt

I am older than the Earth.
I have traveled to places beyond your reach.
I have shared all the great moments in time,
and I am with you every day. I am Argon.

I make up one percent of the air that you breathe,
but I am unique - I will not react or be absorbed by your body.
I have been inhaled deep into the lungs of history
and exhaled into the future, completely unchanged.

From a single breath you take, trillions of atoms,
just like me, are launched back into the atmosphere.
After a week, they have traveled the breadth of a country.
After a year, they have traveled the world.
By this time, it is estimated, that fifteen will return
to become part of your breath once more.
And the cycle continues.

Imagine right now that you are inhaling the same Argon
atoms expelled from the lungs of the dinosaurs;
from the last Neanderthal to walk the Earth;
from conversations at The Last Supper,
and from loved ones passed on and present
we share this unique bond with them every day.
We are forever connected.

So if, from time to time,
you feel all alone…take a deep breath.