A Journey of True Love (Story of AlDub to MaiChard)

Barely a woman, she met a guy
But that was it, a picture and goodbye
Such thing happens almost every time
Who would have thought it’s a sign

Time flies, uneventful it may be
The girl turns out to become a fine lady
But always doubtful of her own beauty
Not shy just not ready for the world to see

Meanwhile, the young lad became a man
Grew up to be so pleasant and a gentleman
Though in his eyes, sadness abound
He had lost a part of him, his mom

From unknown cuties he made a name
But never really been affected by fame
He works hard in honor of his beloved mom
He never expected his fortune will come by noon

Then that fateful day came like rain
Unexpected and so sudden like gush of wind
Two strangers’ lives will forever change
A beautiful journey of love has began

It started with an innocent look, awkward even
Then a smile, self-effacing, a kind of revelation
Hidden admiration suddenly in the open
Ripples of emotions disturbed the still lagoon

Noticed by thousands, a new pair was born
Accidental it may be but such a perfect storm
So strong it stirred even the great minds
People of all ages adopted the two as their own

It was for a show, yes that’s given
But genuine feelings will always transcend
Like a river it will overflow off the screen
Love blossoms even when unspoken

After months of the voyage, feelings apparent
For some it’s unbelievable, some have doubts
But love like a plant it will long for sunlight
Room to grow, a launch pad to take flight

AlDub is love, and so it came, the right time
Through a poem, a gentleman’s confession
Not of the show but that of the real person
Lines full of emotions, a lover’s realization

Aldub Valentine’s date, time for her to respond
What she has is a poignant poem in her hand
With all her fears and doubts about the man
But her love conquers all, she has taken the plunge

The real story has just began, worth the wait
This piece is just but a part of a beautiful fate
True love doesn’t have endings, it never fades
Until the next chapter, this ends with a road trip

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