It wasn't Love

It is not love that hurts

I’ve been watching the clouds, too long
Time passes by unnoticed, I’m alone
Years passed yet I remained, I still mourn
That moment you said goodbye, I am done

Tears fell like rain, it was dawn
Tomorrow never came from that day on
The sun left me for dead, never shone
Hoped that you’ll come back, I held on

I have given up on love, despised it even
I’ve been cursing, damning the heavens
Questioned and wanted to end my existence
All I came to know and felt was pain

That was before I met, a beautiful soul
One that picked up the pieces, made me whole
Then the sun shone on me, I was consoled
Little did I know, I’m no longer alone

Now I am sure it wasn’t me, it was you
It wasn’t love that hurt me, it was you
It wasn’t love that left me, it was you
But thank you; I’ve found a love that is true