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  1. Anonymous19:58


    I am the omega of my clan
    From my beginning I was its end
    Some have left this existence before I even came to exist
    Other cruelly let me learn to love, only to leave me alone awaiting my end

    Other march on to our inevitable end
    Some march with faith, others also march with our clans’ affliction
    Faith gives courage to them, the affliction strips all courage away
    They leave part of themselves behind when they face the end

    Those parts shill remember, they will soon not fade from the minds of those they leave behind
    But I am the Omega and alone I will be at my end
    No Faith
    No courage, with only the affliction as my confidante at my end

    Where is the source of their faith, were is it virtue?
    How can it be so cruel?
    Giving youth, health and then affliction
    Leaving me as the omega of my clan, and the standard bearer of it affliction to my bitter end.


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