Game We Call Life

Run when you can't bear
Leave everything to fate
Hide like you don't care
As You lose your faith

Time is of the essence
But you do not bother
Luck ain't purely by chance
Patience have to master

The present's forgiving
Enjoy now till it past
The future's uncertain
You better prepare fast

Dream not when you're asleep
Be the weaver while awake
The fortune you must seek
Act now for it won't wait

"If the future is predestined
I'd rather sleep in my bed
and wait for my fate."

6 Responses to "Game We Call Life"

  1. this is so nice... i love your poems... an instant follower you got here...

    feel free to visit mine, i am just starting. thanks...

  2. Thanks i N a.. I really appreciate it

  3. Quite an interesting poem. Wonderful.

  4. thanks Kim A..welcome to my lair.

  5. Nice and well written...when I have time i read you poems...

  6. Thanks man, you don't know how much it means for a poet when his pieces are appreciated.


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