A Poem: She's Almost Perfect

Beautiful woman-Almost Perfect
She is an intimidating beast, a beauty
Walks like a satin being blown by wind
She is a growling monster, so uncanny
Irresistible, she has the power of persuasion

Medusa can turn anyone into stone
By mere look into her magical eyes
She can make you crawl, begging for more
Just by a glimpse of her startling poise

Aphrodite, even Venus would envy
Such succulent pair of burgundy lips
With perfectly sculptured body
Scent of unsaturated heavenly bliss

A masterpiece, almost a demigoddess
A living work of art, beyond excellence
She is incomparable, almost flawless
Only mistake, she fell for the wrong man
This poem is about a woman falling for the wrong man. Even the most cautious woman and no matter how intelligent, sometimes she will most likely can't resist love and ends up being with the wrong guy.