A Grace of Friendship

I don't know you
Nothing to know
I laugh at you
You didn't know

That was before
I despised you
That was before
I didn't like you

I needed someone
You were there
You became my friend
You're always there

I will not say sorry
You deserve better
I turn to poetry
To say you matter

You're saying goodbye
I wish you didn't
It makes me want to cry
I really mean it

Memories I'll keep
Friends we will be
Future I cannot peep
But believe me...

"You are a friend
worth to keep."

8 Responses to "A Grace of Friendship"

  1. Anonymous10:22

    Friends, the meaning of this word is sometimes confusing and I wonder if we really have friends? Your words were profound and spoke to me.

  2. You are right A.J, if there are people in our lives that can hurt us badly, it's our "friends" but then there are friends that help us in conquering our fears, assist us to realize our dreams and remind us that we are not alone in this world we live in. We all have friends worth keeping.

  3. thanks kuya ron. it was nice working with you. keep in touch... i'll always remember you when I make a blog post. :)

  4. I should thank you Grace, just merely listening to my rant when I'm full is something not anybody would want to, but you did.

  5. Very good! Sorry it took so long to thank you for your kind comment. I thought I was rambling. Lol! I went to delete the whole web because it's not my "reality blogspot" But I think I will keep it now. Im getting some positive feedback from the party I was speaking about in the poem : ) Maybe I'll show him someday.
    I am going to take a look at your website and see what else you have.

  6. Somebody ( great) said : To have friends means to be rich.I agree with him, as I agree with your nice poem.

  7. Anonymous20:18

    who is da author of the poem

  8. Anonymous you can check the right side bar where it says "Welcome Poetry Lovers" and at the bottom there you can see a link to the author's profile. Thanks for asking.


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