Get Well Soon My Beloved

If I could just build a paradise for you, I would
so you can rest with all the birds singing on the trees
while you lay in your bed of tulips of a thousand colors
looking up on clear blue sky with your angelic eyes

oh!  if could just take all the pain from you, I would
throw them in the sea of respite, and hold you in my arms
tears falling from your eyes , every drop like dagger to my heart
wish I could wipe them out with clouds from above

please be well my beloved, you don’t belong in a sick bed
you are the life of those around you, those that truly love you
let me assure you that you are not alone in your agony
I for one feels terrible right now, for what make you sick
makes me weaker, what makes you cry makes me weep

I saw the sun rising this morning; thought I saw your face
dark clouds covered it, but it didn’t last, radiance soon covered the land
like you being blanketed by the unseen enemy, you shall conquer
for you are the sunshine in my life and all those whom you love.