He: A Father

Behind, beside you
ahead of you
always and will always be
there for you

Doesn’t say much, often firm
watching you from afar
but never leave
ready when needed

He rarely praises you
often criticizes you
but did you know
he brags about you

Your success, his honor
Your triumph, his pride
Your failure, his death
You are his treasure
He is your father

4 Responses to "He: A Father"

  1. This is a breath taking piece, written from the soul. You are a very beautiful person spK.. Any normal man can make babies, but it takes a man to be a father. I wish the best for you and your family..

  2. Thanks Edlin. You are right, scattering genes doesn't make anyone a man only in fathering that any man can prove that he is a man.

  3. it's such a wonderful feeling you ve penned down, I really dont have any more words to appreciate it!!
    My Blessings to the kids having such a wonderful father like you :)

  4. Wow! Rinka that just made me smile and think of my 2 kids back home..


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