I'll Be Gone by Sundown

Wish I could rest for eternity
escape from all these miseries
I like to vanish, never to return
I won’t look back and run

The burden is just too much
I want to take off the latch
and leave everything behind
respite I long and I will find

with me are happy memories
that I will carry, towards the bliss
that I am hoping to stumble on
heal my heart that has been torn

I may be a coward or worst
But I am sure, I did my best
to fight off the enemy
that resides within me

I want to get away and ride the tide
be freed from these chains and hide


  1. Sometimes, to fight off the enemy within us is the most difficult thing ! Despair is also a dreadful enemy !

  2. Those negatives inside us can only be shed when we choose to be positive. I know it seems like it is not a choice, but I've learned that it is. Poignant and powerful verse with a photo that shows there is light within darkness.

  3. My battle is always against myself, I don't know why but when it strikes, it will surely hit me rough.


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