My Bestfriend, Slowly Killing Me

When I’m feeling blue
I’ll just look for you
When times get rough
And I’m about to shout
I’ll just reach my pocket

Overwhelmed with stress
I’ll kiss you and pressed
Put you between my teeth
And savor your every treat
Then end up beneath my feet

You were there with me
You were my best buddy
During my rebellious years
Witnessed me, shed my tears
Helped me, conquer my fears

But these past few days
My breath, I always chase
Deprived of sleep, I am weak
Coughing through the night all week
Medical attention I did seek

Doctor said “your lungs”
I replied “what about my lungs?”
He retorted “bronchial tubes”
Angrily I asked “what tubes”
He responded “nicotine-blocked tubes.”

Then realization came to me
It’s my best friend, my buddy
He is claiming the dues
Now I’m aware of the clues
My life I’m about to lose

Each and every puff I did
To my health are poison seeds
Every stick I burnt
Threat to my youth
Buddy all those years spent
You were killing me gently